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Is Your Billing Company Putting You At Compliance Risk?


Does your orthopedic billing company charge a percentage of collections for their coding and billing?

They might break out separate charges for statements or other services, but they also might combine the core coding and billing into one percentage-based fee like 6%.

The hard part is knowing what is legal for them to charge, what isn't, and how you should approach mitigating these charges.

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2018 Medicare Laboratory Fee Schedule (MLFS)

Which Medicare MAC has the best laboratory reimbursement?

Apache Health often gets questions about which locality or which Medicare region (MAC) has the best reimbursement rates.  Even a number of years ago some labs sought to locate in favorable reimbursement locations in order to maximize their reimbursement.  None of that matters any longer. 

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Do Outsourced Medical Billing Companies Really Deliver?


Medical billing, like many industries, has had its share of debate over the merits of outsourcing the work.

Some providers have experienced sub-par medical billing companies that only go after the low hanging fruit, while others have found that outsourcing has saved their practice and they will never go in house again.

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Palmetto GBA awarded MAC J

On September 7, 2017, CMS awarded Palmetto GBA a new contract to administer the claims processing for Medicare for Part A and Part B for MAC Jurisdiction J.  This is a one year guaranteed contract with up to four additional one year extensions.

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