Apache Quoted in Huffington Post

Apache Health was asked to comment for Huffington Post about coding compliance in ER visits and we ended up being quoted in an article about how to beat a hospital bill. While our intent was not to show people how to evade paying for services they actually received, it does serve as a warning to practices to ensure coding compliance to avoid not only legal issues, but to ensure they actually get paid for the health care they provide.

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2017 Unwelcome Surprise Medical Bill Laws - aka Balance Billing

There has been a great deal of coverage in the press about unwelcome surprise medical bills, and Apache Health provides this article with the intent to help providers with information on the laws and regulations surrounding balance billing nationally and in their state.  This is intended for facility-based physician groups for anesthesia billing, radiology billing, hospitalist billing, and pathology billing who often balance bill a patient in full when they are out of network.

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How the 2017 Senate Healthcare Bill Impacts Providers Financially

The United States Senate this week proposed a bill that would constitute a major overhaul of the US healthcare system.  It has some potential major implications for medical billing.

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Patient Balance Billing Lawsuits

Billing out-of-network can be extremely complex, especially with respect to patient balance billing.  Due to being the leading medical billing company when it comes to out-of-network billing, Apache Health often gets questions from our clients and prospective clients on whether they can balance bill patients in full or waive patient balances.

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