Do Outsourced Medical Billing Companies Really Deliver?


Medical billing, like many industries, has had its share of debate over the merits of outsourcing the work.

Some providers have experienced sub-par medical billing companies that only go after the low hanging fruit, while others have found that outsourcing has saved their practice and they will never go in house again.

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The Top Five Myths of Medical Billing

Common performance claims of medical billing companies, and why you should question them.

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Non-Partisan Why It’s Good the Senate Healthcare Bill is Dead

As with prior articles, this is not a partisan piece and does not look at or address political ideology.  Our goal is to evaluate these on the basis of financial impact to the country and healthcare providers since these are our clients.

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How the 2017 Senate Healthcare Bill Impacts Providers Financially

The United States Senate this week proposed a bill that would constitute a major overhaul of the US healthcare system.  It has some potential major implications for medical billing.

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Waiving Patient Balances – Part 2

We frequently get medical billing questions from out of network providers (non-contracted) especially for referral-based facilities like imaging center billing, laboratory billing, and ASC  billing is whether they can waive patient balances.  Following is the second part to the article about the rules and regulations surrounding waiving patient balances that may help your practice.

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Cash Pay Discounts in Medical Billing

Apache Health frequently gets medical billing questions from our clients about “cash pay discounts”, whether they are legal, can they provide them, and how much of a discount is legally allowed?  This is part of our ongoing series about the rules and regulations surrounding medical billing.

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Out of Network Medical Billing

In past medical billing articles have discussed the mechanics of patient balance billing.  We have also briefly discussed why providers may want to bill out of network because in theory should get higher reimbursement.  In this article we will discuss medical billing out of network, it's benefits, fee schedule optimization, and implications for patient balance billing.

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