Do Outsourced Medical Billing Companies Really Deliver?


Medical billing, like many industries, has had its share of debate over the merits of outsourcing the work.

Some providers have experienced sub-par medical billing companies that only go after the low hanging fruit, while others have found that outsourcing has saved their practice and they will never go in house again.

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Palmetto GBA awarded MAC J

On September 7, 2017, CMS awarded Palmetto GBA a new contract to administer the claims processing for Medicare for Part A and Part B for MAC Jurisdiction J.  This is a one year guaranteed contract with up to four additional one year extensions.

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How the 2017 Senate Healthcare Bill Impacts Providers Financially

The United States Senate this week proposed a bill that would constitute a major overhaul of the US healthcare system.  It has some potential major implications for medical billing.

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California Medical Billing Problems

Medical billing in California is a world unto itself. For anyone who has handled medical billing here, you are well aware of the fact that thanks to an ever changing and more complex coding system in the state, taking care of billing both your patients and their insurance companies has become very time consuming.

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