Is Your Billing Company Putting You At Compliance Risk?


Does your orthopedic billing company charge a percentage of collections for their coding and billing?

They might break out separate charges for statements or other services, but they also might combine the core coding and billing into one percentage-based fee like 6%.

The hard part is knowing what is legal for them to charge, what isn't, and how you should approach mitigating these charges.

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How the 2017 Senate Healthcare Bill Impacts Providers Financially

The United States Senate this week proposed a bill that would constitute a major overhaul of the US healthcare system.  It has some potential major implications for medical billing.

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2017 Orthopedic Billing – Foot and Ankle

As the leading orthopedic billing company, Apache Health determines what if any changes in orthopedic billing will be enacted for the coming year every December.  Apache then writes up the changes and distributes this to our clients and educates them on the forthcoming changes, as well as any implications on their reimbursement.

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