2017 Toxicology Laboratory Billing

It seems that toxicology billing is not going to get any simpler.  Already this year, the CMS has reversed themselves for the second year in a row. The qualitative codes G0477, G0478, G0479 were deleted, after being introduced in 2016.  Those codes were replaced with 80305-80307.  These new codes were essentially the same as the old ones, other than the addition of a few more methods of instrumented chemistry analysis. CMS also eliminated the separate validity testing codes 84311, 83986, 82570, the functions of which were rolled up under other existing codes.

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Results Are In – Toxicology Billing is a Mess

As drug abuse reaches crisis levels for many communities across the country, accurate and reliable toxicology testing has grown more critical in the public health arena.  With lives in the balance, newer and better testing technologies will be required to meet this challenge, and that will, of course, have a downstream impact on laboratory billing practices.

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